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Let’s Get Back and Follow Our Traditions

Let’s Get Back and Follow Our Traditions

Tulsi is also regarded as Sanjeevani | Klimom Natural Cow Products


The world has always appreciated India for its traditions and rituals. A lot of daily habits of Indians make us different from others. As you travel from one state to another, you will notice different customs, traditions and rituals. All these traditions are of great value in Indian culture and these customs and traditions together make India a secular state within.


India is a mix of religion and culture. We love that we experience so many different types of food, clothing, and rituals. From praying to different Gods, or even unique ways of getting married, we have diversity in everything. There are certain traditions we’ve been following since we were kids. A lot of us have questioned these while growing up, and some of us have just followed them faithfully without any questions

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Traditional Cooking medium makes a healthy comeback

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Traditional Cooking medium makes a healthy comeback

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“Prior to about 1960, Indians used Ghee high heat cooking. Other vegetable oils were used for pickling, added to chutneys and otherwise used in food raw or for low heat cooking.”


When we were children , all the cooking done was in Indian Cow Ghee.


Desi Cow Ghee was considered good for health. In winter, a spoonful of ghee would protect us against colds, and ghee with a few peppercorns added was supposed to improve your eyesight.

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INDIAN COW : The Life Nourisher

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INDIAN COW : The Life Nourisher

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The cow is a symbol of Indian culture.
Lord Krishna has said Cow as ‘Kamdhenu’ that meets all our desires. All Gods reside in the body of Cow. The scriptures state that deity of wealth Lakshmi first appeared as the cow and Bilva tree originated from its dung.


Cows in Indian culture have been revered, protected and conserved. Go-Raksha or the Cow Protection can be accomplished only if one aims to serve the cows rather than be served by them. In the classic agrarian model of lifestyle, milk is not the goal of cow protection, Unfortunately, modern dairy culture has got nothing to do with cow protection but everything to do with cow exploitation.

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