INDIAN COW : The Life Nourisher

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INDIAN COW : The Life Nourisher

Best Desi Indian Cow Produts – Desi Cow Milk, Organic Cow Ghee


The cow is a symbol of Indian culture.
Lord Krishna has said Cow as ‘Kamdhenu’ that meets all our desires. All Gods reside in the body of Cow. The scriptures state that deity of wealth Lakshmi first appeared as the cow and Bilva tree originated from its dung.


Cows in Indian culture have been revered, protected and conserved. Go-Raksha or the Cow Protection can be accomplished only if one aims to serve the cows rather than be served by them. In the classic agrarian model of lifestyle, milk is not the goal of cow protection, Unfortunately, modern dairy culture has got nothing to do with cow protection but everything to do with cow exploitation.


A strong nation is built on the food it eats. The only way possible for us is that we have poison-free food which is the organic way of life.


We as believers of organic living should promote cow based organic farming in all possible ways. Importantly while accomplishing all this, the Cow based farming maintains ecological balance beautifully.


Since time immemorial, India has a been agrarian country and Cow has been its backbone. When fertilizers and tractors were unknown, Indian cow was the only source sustaining entire agriculture. Without cows, agriculture wouldn’t have been possible.


-(Atharvana Veda 10-10-34)


The Gods and men live on cow products. Till the Sun shines, the universe will have Cows. The whole universe depends on the support of cow.


The drive for use of high productivity and chemical fertilizers, farmers have been lured into believing that they don’t need Cows anymore. Which has accentuated the crisis leading to distress and severe health issues?


iterally, India has been a land of surpluses in food grains and cow-based agriculture has never failed us. It is time that we realize the contribution of cows and goes back to our time-tested traditional farming techniques for a sustainable future.Traditional cow based organic farming is the solution for the future.


However difficult it may appear, we must pursue this for the sake of our good future and food security. It is important that we save the Indian cow for the sake of good health and food security.


More so these business dealers and traders breed, rear and protect only the exotic breeds and not the Desi Indigenous breed whose milk, urine and dung are all productive and has medicinal qualities. The consumerism culture that is getting popularized in urban India is also another reason behind the pathetic condition and declining population of Desi breeds of cows.


Indian Cow milk touches practically all aspects of life whether men or women, Kids or Adults, Rural or Urban, Desi cow milk is wholesome food for all. The Indian Cow Milk forms a base for almost all Ayurvedic medicines. Desi Cow Milk is A2 milk which helps to fight major illnesses. Buttermilk, Curd, Ghee have a base ingredient that is milk.


Cow Urine (Gau Mutra):
Urine of any animal is discarded as a waste product but when it comes to Indian Cows it’s the exact opposite. Its a boon to mankind and farmers in particular. Gau Mutra is used to produce organic and Natural fertilizers, insect repellents and other farming products. It is not just used for external purposes alone but highly beneficial if consumed by humans. Gau Mutra is high in medicinal value and is considered as a super-medicine.Scientists at have conducted an extensive research on indigenous cow urine and have proven its anti-cancerous properties.


Cow Dung (Gau May):
Another cow excreta which has a value of gold equal to its weight for farmers. Ancient scriptures mention “Gomay Vasate Lakshmi” literally meaning Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity dwells in Cow Dung. Dung or Gobar – as called in Hindi has high micro-organismic value. This is helpful to increase fertility and productivity of the soil.Cow Dung Compost is a natural fertilizer and many other organic fertilizers can be made from cow dung.


Panchagavya (5 Cow Products):
Milk, curd, Gau ghrut(Ghee), gomutra, gomay form a Holi union of panchagavya ayurvedic medicine.These, when mixed in different measures and with different other components, form a range of medicines.They have reportedly cured many chronic ailments and are the only alternatives to modern medical sciences.


Indian Cow urine & dung is very helpful for farmers.The Cows are supposed to be hard and long working animals. They possess good heat adaptability and water holding capacity. This helps farmers to employ them for various agricultural needs.

Research has shown that cow based organic farming has increased the productivity of soil by many folds.It is now possible for farmers to take diverse crops without corrupting the land with chemicals and dangerous poisonous substances. A better bio-diverse environment in and around fields. It is also seen that the water table in the area also increases when organic fertilizers and insecticides are used in agricultural methods.

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