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Try this creamy velvety Srikhand
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This is no ordinary sweet curd. This is Srikhand carrying the goodness of the pure milk of Gir cows. Our A2 Milk is from organic grass fed desi cows which are as healthy as the milk they produce. When you have A2 milk, you are no longer exposed to BCM-7 found in A1 milk which has been linked to impaired immune response, Type 1 diabetes, neurological impairment and heart disease.

So when you have this Srikhand, you know that it carries the promise of healthy ingredients of A2 milk. And when there is healthiness packed in your dessert, you can have a guilt-free helping of it. If you want to hear how our customers are thrilled with our desserts, see their testimonials below.

And if you want to place a party order please mail to divya@klimom.com. Nothing like sweet dessert to titillate your taste buds.


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