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Is ghee better than oil for cooking?

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Is ghee better than oil for cooking?

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The kitchen was filled with the aroma of tempered spices put together in the tadka. No prizes for guessing that some delicious Indian food was on its way to the dining table. Before you ask what was cooking, take a moment to think of “in” what was it being cooked.


Most of us don’t pay much attention to the oil that is used for cooking. Anything works as long as it’s cheap. If its Rs. 75 a liter, then it’s good enough. If the price is not a concern, then images of healthy hearts on the packet will do. But it’s worth really thinking more about this.


Irrespective of whether you use just a small amount of oil for cooking or you choose to deep fry your foods. The type of fat you use really matters. Afterall it is something you consume every single day right?


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