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Ancient Wisdom for the “NEW WOMAN”

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Ancient Wisdom for the “NEW WOMAN”

With the evolution of technology and medicine, there has been an influx of products in the market. Back in the day, very little was store bought. From the stage of always setting the curd at home to just picking up a ready cup from the supermarket, times have really changed. This influx and easy availability of things have strangely also taken some of us back to basics: the need to stick to solutions that are simple, natural, pure and above all homemade.


In that sense, I feel evolution can be quite a funny thing sometimes. We strive so hard to create 10 solutions to a problem but then go back to the one that existed before any of those 10 were invented.

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A2 milk: 10 Things I wish I’d known earlier

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A2 milk: 10 Things I wish I’d known earlier

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Not so long ago, the milkman used to come to our doorstep every morning with cans full of fresh milk. We just trusted that it was the freshest milk we could get. Somedays we got lots of cream from it and some days not so much. There was no label to tell us what the fat content in the milk was. If this is something you can relate to, we have something in common.

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10 things most people don’t know about Indian cow ghee

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Desi Indian Cow milk in Hyderabad | Klimom A2 milk
10 things most people don’t know about Indian cow ghee

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There are many ingredients that add taste and nutrition to your food. But then there are very few that are so versatile that they can be termed as “superfoods”. They are super because they go beyond the boundaries of what you normally expect from a good meal. They are healthy, they are nutritious, they are medicinal, they are pure and most importantly…THEY ARE DELICIOUS.


Indian cow ghee surely deserves a spot on this coveted superfood list. Most Indian households have ghee as a standard on their kitchen shelves. But sadly, there are so many misconceptions that surround the use of ghee. It is way too underutilized.


Some worry about ghee making them fat. Others feel that it’s too expensive. Then there are also myths about ghee being bad for the heart. If only people could somehow know that these are all not at all true! The benefits and uses of this magical ingredient are limitless and I can actually write a book on it. For now, let’s look at 10 things that most people don’t know about Indian cow ghee.

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