Ancient Wisdom for the “NEW WOMAN”

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Ancient Wisdom for the “NEW WOMAN”
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With the evolution of technology and medicine, there has been an influx of products in the market. Back in the day, very little was store bought. From the stage of always setting the curd at home to just picking up a ready cup from the supermarket, times have really changed. This influx and easy availability of things have strangely also taken some of us back to basics: the need to stick to solutions that are simple, natural, pure and above all homemade.


In that sense, I feel evolution can be quite a funny thing sometimes. We strive so hard to create 10 solutions to a problem but then go back to the one that existed before any of those 10 were invented.


Health and nutrition is one such area where there is an increased emphasis on keeping everything that touches our bodies as natural as possible. Pure cow’s ghee, for instance, is no longer restricted to being a cooking fat. It works wonders for the skin as well. It can single-handedly replace most creams and ointments on your dressing table. Really, that’s not a joke!
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The usage of ghee for all things related to the skin is not something new. Ayurveda talks about the extensive use of ghee in various forms – right from using it as a massage medium to prescribing it for minor burns. Shata Dhuata Ghrita or Ayurvedic ghee is prepared by washing ghee 100 times as the name suggests. Shata means 100, Dhuata means wash with water and Ghrita means ghee. Mostly the washing is done 20-30 times instead of the recommended 100 times in Ayurveda.


The resultant ghee is whitish in colour and has a much smoother consistency, making it the ideal texture for application on the skin.


So what are all these magical uses of ghee for skin care and who they do they help? The short answer is everyone and everything. But let’s look at some of the specifics.


1. Ghee for pregnant women :
Popular celebrities have been all for ghee during pregnancy. While the advice to eat ghee regularly during pregnancy has been around for ages, most tend to resist it because it’s also a saturated fat. However, the benefits far outweigh the cons making ghee quite an essential in the pregnancy diet. Outside of the diet, there are many other uses for ghee during this important phase.


Cosmetic changes in the body tend to bother many pregnant women. Stretch marks certainly top the list of these worries. The key to preventing or reducing the occurrence of this skin change is to keep the skin soft and hydrated at all times. This allows the skin to adapt to the growing belly size in turn not leaving too many marks.


Also, if you have been pregnant, you’ll know that your belly skin tends to get very itchy and it’s hard to resist the urge to scratch to relieve that itch. Again, good moisturizing of the skin is essential. This soothes the skin and reduces that annoying scratchy feeling.


The best time to apply any moisturizer is right after a warm shower. The body absorbs the oils well as the pores open up under warm water. Also, make it a habit to moisturize the skin at bedtime giving your skin all the love it deserves. A little bit of care can help you get back your pre-pregnancy skin texture even after childbirth.


Most important of all, pure organic ghee is great because it is free from chemicals that most cosmetic products come laden with. Safe for mommy and safe for baby.


You can also use as much as you like to soothe dry lips without having to worry about ingesting any chemicals that could harm your baby.


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2. Ghee for new moms :
New moms, you deserve all the pampering even after your precious little bundle of joy comes into the world. While your world revolves around him or her, you don’t have to neglect your own well being. With the umpteen changes that your body goes through, every day presents a new challenge. Skin related issues certainly need to be looked in to so you feel as comfortable as possible.


Nipple soreness is very common for new moms when they first start breastfeeding and later when their little ones start teething. Proper care is essential so you don’t struggle with the pain and more importantly, so your breastfeeding journey is not abruptly interrupted. If nipple soreness is ignored, it could also lead to extremely painful infections. In the first couple of months, it’s best to apply some ghee in between feeds to keep the nipples moisturized and take care of any minor bruises. Since ghee is also edible, you don’t have to worry about your baby ingesting little bit.


Another major cosmetic change that gives us women sleepless nights is the hair fall after childbirth. It’s very natural to lose lot’s of hair due to all the hormonal changes in the body. So don’t fret about going bald. In the meantime, take good care of your scalp and hair. Regular conditioning and massage with pure ghee really help to a great extent. You can even warm up the ghee a little bit and mix it with any other herbs before application.


3. Ghee for babies:
In the days leading up to the delivery, one of the items on your checklist is surely going to be finding a massage/bathing specialist and also stocking up on some oil. What oil to use is a big question mark. While there are a lot of options available, it’s best to choose something natural and organic for the tender skin of your newborn.


But of course, ghee comes highly recommended. Regular massage with ghee is great for keeping the skin moisturized and for the blood circulation as well. Babies love this daily routine that calms them down and helps them adjust to the brand new world they have arrived in to.


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4. Ghee for minor injuries :
In the hustle bustle of life, we are constantly bumping into things or unintentionally ending up with bruises or burns. We don’t bother too much with these minor injuries as we have been taught to be brave. But why handle discomfort when you can do something about it? It’s always better to take care of these small issues so they don’t blow up.


Ghee works wonders when applied to treat minor cuts and burns. Especially Shata Dhuata Ghrita or Ayurvedic ghee. It also is mixed with pure turmeric to act as an antiseptic agent and prevent any infections.


In fact, there have also been stories of people with major burns being treated with ghee after doctors showed no hope for the patients.


5. Ghee for sensitive skin :
Some time out in the sun and you break out into rashes. Go out on a cold winter evening and your skin becomes sore. Any change in diet and you get pimples on your face. Is that you?


Then you probably have really sensitive skin that needs extra care. Most cosmetic products might not suit you and further escalate your skin troubles. It’s best if you stick to the age-old tradition of using ghee to keep your skin supple and moisturized.


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6. Ghee for aging skin :
Irrespective of what you might say, there is something very beautiful and graceful about aging if you take it the right way. The strands of grey hair and fine lines on the face speak of the experiences you have had in life. So for starters, let’s not fight nature’s ways!


What you can do is take good care of yourself. Your skin is elastic in nature and with age, it loses some of this elasticity resulting in wrinkles. If you keep your skin well moisturized on a regular basis, the aging process definitely slows down. Especially for people with dry skin. Using ghee on a regular basis is the best way to give your skin a longer lease of life.


7. Ghee for dry skin :
Completely balanced skin is anyone’s dream but far from reality for most of us. Sometimes even the weather has a role to play in how the skin reacts. I have had dry skin all my life and know the real value of a good moisturizer. The market is certainly flooded with all types of products for every part of the body. It’s always best to keep it simple and natural. Be it for cracked heals or chapped lips, daily application of ghee is the best remedy.


You can even look up the internet to make a handy lip balm out of ghee that you can carry around in your bag.


This is one of those write-ups that’s going to be hard to end, but we have to stop somewhere! Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be complicated at all. The simplest of solutions work the best and are proven to be so. Just one simple ingredient, ghee, can make you beautiful.

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