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Cow Ghee and Diabetes

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Cow Ghee and Diabetes

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Medical specialists are alarmed at the epidemic proportions that diabetes has reached as a disease. It is estimated that in developing countries the incidence of diabetes will rise to three-fourth proportion for the next millennium and India is expected to have the highest number of people suffering from diabetes.


What we eat has an impact on our blood sugar levels and hence diabetics have to be particularly cautious of their dietary choices. It would surprise you that those, ‘healthy cooking oils’ as you see advertised on television, are actually doing more harm than good.

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A2 milk: 10 Things I wish I’d known earlier

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A2 milk: 10 Things I wish I’d known earlier

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Not so long ago, the milkman used to come to our doorstep every morning with cans full of fresh milk. We just trusted that it was the freshest milk we could get. Somedays we got lots of cream from it and some days not so much. There was no label to tell us what the fat content in the milk was. If this is something you can relate to, we have something in common.

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Five Real Life lessons about Indian Cow Ghee

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Five Real Life lessons about Indian Cow Ghee

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Five reasons that make ghee great even for weight loss :

There used to be a popular TV commercial (for a facial cream, if my memory serves me right) that has stuck in my head even though it had come out many years back. The opening line of that was “Zyada khayegi, moti ho jayegi (you will become fat if you eat more)”. What I loved most about that was the great attitude in the response “I don’t care”. I so relate to this because I would hate for anyone to nag me while eating about becoming fat. Even more so because most of the times the free advice is not even so accurate.

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