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Reproductive health: Going back in time

Reproductive health:  Going back in time

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On my social media newsfeed today I came across a post which read “Diet cures more than doctors.” I cannot agree more with this statement. Of course, I’m going to take that “diet” here means eating healthy and not starving oneself.


In the world we live in, the poor struggle to get a basic meal a day because they can’t afford it. Whereas the rich can buy whatever they fancy because they can afford it. The type of food we eat is being compromised across the board irrespective of wealth. As a result, many of the health problems we see today are simply because of not eating right.

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Modern India & The Fertility Puzzle

Modern India & The Fertility Puzzle

 Infertility Treatment for Male and Female | Klimom A2 milk


You might find it hard to digest if I say that India has a growing fertility problem that needs attention. That’s because the focus is almost always on the growing population and the problems that come with it. With already over 1.3billion people, we’re likely to be the most populous country in the world in the coming years. And not to forget, India is also known as the land of the Kamasutra. The right to procreate is even called out as a fundamental right. Therefore, talking about fertility issues is not really top of mind. But those who go through this challenge know what the struggle is like.

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Does A2 Milk help even if you are Lactose intolerant

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Does A2 Milk help even if you are Lactose intolerant

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You were hungry. The only thing you found was a cup of warm milk. Nothing quite as satisfying as that, you thought to yourself. An hour later your tummy was rumbling and feeling bloated. The discomfort somehow passed after nagging you for a few hours. You moved on with your day as usual.


Just like you, most people go through their lives without even knowing that they are Lactose intolerant. Especially in cases where the symptoms are not as pronounced but bothersome nevertheless.


According to wikipedia, data suggests that 65% to even 90% of the population in some communities have a reduced ability to digest lactose. Some studies have shown that 3 out of 4 Indians also have a lower milk tolerance.


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