Does A2 Milk help even if you are Lactose intolerant

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Does A2 Milk help even if you are Lactose intolerant

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You were hungry. The only thing you found was a cup of warm milk. Nothing quite as satisfying as that, you thought to yourself. An hour later your tummy was rumbling and feeling bloated. The discomfort somehow passed after nagging you for a few hours. You moved on with your day as usual.


Just like you, most people go through their lives without even knowing that they are Lactose intolerant. Especially in cases where the symptoms are not as pronounced but bothersome nevertheless.


According to wikipedia, data suggests that 65% to even 90% of the population in some communities have a reduced ability to digest lactose. Some studies have shown that 3 out of 4 Indians also have a lower milk tolerance.


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What is Lactose Intolerance?
Lactose intolerance is not really a food allergy as it’s sometimes mistaken to be. It is basically the body’s reduced ability to digest “Lactose”, a type of natural sugar found in dairy products. When sufficient quantities of the enzyme “Lactase” is not produced by our body, it hinders the digestion of milk.


The undigested sugars then create havoc inside our body. Gas, belly pain, bloating are some of the annoying symptoms that come along with this. In severe cases, the unwelcome guests, diarrhea and vomiting, also show up!


So why is milk still touted as the magical ingredient in our daily diet?
Well, the simple answer lies in the amount of Calcium our bodies get from dairy products. Other food items don’t quite match up as well. For instance: Okra/ladies finger is recommended as a calcium-rich vegetable. However, a cup of milk contains 305 m.g. of calcium, whereas a cup of okra contains only 82 m.g.


Our diets have included dairy for years together and for good reason. We don’t really need to drop it all together.


What’s more important is the composition of the milk we consume. While some bodies will reject milk irrespective of its make up. Most others tend to have more of a reaction to the A1 protein in milk.


Are you one of those people who completely stopped drinking milk because you felt you could be lactose intolerant? It’s time to reconsider.


Just one odd reaction to a glass of milk doesn’t mean you are lactose intolerant. Your body may go through some phases of lower lactase enzyme production, following an illness for example. That doesn’t make milk “bad” for you.


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The better question to ask: “What type of milk is good or bad for your body?”
It’s important to understand the difference between the A1 and A2 proteins present in milk. A1 protein in the milk is said to inhibit the body’s production of lactase.


Lesser lactase production means poor lactose absorption. This might lead many to believe that they are lactose intolerant. In reality, the intolerance is because of the A1 protein in the milk.


Traditional desi cow milk never contained the A1 protein which has now made its way into most of the so-called “pure milk” available in the market. The presence of A1 protein in milk has come about as a result of years of genetic modifications for increased production in hybrid cows.


Instead of really providing health benefits, long-term consumption of milk with the A1 protein could lead to several health issues. Type 1 diabetes and certain heart conditions are possible outcomes of ingesting milk that is not pure and organic.


Add to that the poor breeding and dairy practices followed broadly, really impact the quality of milk available these days. Poor nutrition provided to the cattle and injection of hormones to increase milk supply are two of the many horrible practices existing in the dairy industry today. So it’s essential that we make the right choice for our family’s well being.


While some people might call the increased focus on shifting to desi cow milk just a fad. It’s important to not be ignorant about the reality on the ground. Desi cow milk which is an A2 milk is a wiser choice to make. It’s responsibly sourced and best for you. Even though you may be led to believe that it’s just a trend of sorts.


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Still not sure if you really are Lactose intolerant?
You should get yourself tested. There are medical evaluations available for people to know the degree of lactose intolerance present in their bodies. For all you know, you’ve been sacrificing your favorite foods for nothing!


Let’s not make milk the culprit when it’s actually not. Many people benefit by just making the switch to pure A2 milk. For one, the absence of the A1 protein means that the lactase production by your body is not being inhibited. Therefore, lactose is a lot easier for the body to digest. Also needless to mention, milk that is sourced responsibly is best for our bodies and for our peace of mind.


Give A2 milk, the truly desi milk, a shot. You’ll notice the difference yourself.


Klimom Desi Indian Cow Milk - Best Desi Milk

Does Desi A2 Milk help even if you are Lactose intolerant

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