Is Desi Cow Milk, Best During Pregnancy?

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Is Desi Cow Milk, Best During Pregnancy?
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During pregnancy, women are loaded with changing emotions as well as numerous questions. Few questions which regularly bother them include growth of the fetus, what diet to take, and whether they should exercise or not.

Almost all expectant mothers of India are aware of the fact that, cow milk obtained from Indian cows is essential source of calcium and other essential nutrients as well. By consuming adequate amounts of Desi cow milk, they are able to meet daily requirements of minerals required by the baby. Get in touch with us, we offer Indian Gir cow milk in Hyderabad.

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Recent studies reveal women who are pregnant, require around 1000 to 1300 mg of calcium each day.

Expecting Mothers Who Drink Indian Cow Milk Receive Various Benefits They Include
During pregnancy, Desi cow milk helps not onlyexpectant mothers stay hydrated, but also helps them to make up for their fluid loss. Few studies have also proved that those mothers who had Desi cow milk during pregnancy, the benefits did not stop at gestation period but it is passed on to the child even during their adulthood. During pregnancy, women commonly experience heartburns and other gastric problems. By drinking Desi cow milk, the above symptoms become less severe. We provide absolutely fresh pure Indian Gir cow milk in Hyderabad. Expecting mothers, who regularly have minimum 150 ml of Desi cow milk each day have greater chances of having taller babies when compared to other pregnant mothers who do not have the habit of drinking Desi cow milk.

Expectant Mothers Who Drink Desi Cow Milk Passes Numerous Benefits To Their New Born Babies, They Include
Babies born weigh more when compared to other babies whose mothers have not consumed milk during pregnancy. These babies had faster growth when compared to other babies born to expectant mothers who avoided milk. These new born babies are less prone to risk of suffering from osteoporosis. They are also less prone to neonatal risk as Desi cow milk is rich in Vitamin D. The babies born also have higher IQ’s as iodine content present in the Desi cow milk help enhance the fetal brain development. We provide raw and pure Indian Gir cow milk in Hyderabad

How Much Desi Cow Milk Expectant Mothers Should Consume?
Each day, the expectant mothers must consume about three cups of Desi cow milk, regardless their levels of physical activities, their weight and stage of pregnancy. By drinking Desi cow milk, they get essential nutrients in their body as well to the unborn baby. If you are expecting and wish to have healthy and tall baby with high IQ, do not think twice, contact us, we offer pure and fresh Desi cow milk at your doorstep.

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