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A2 milk: 10 Things I wish I’d known earlier

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Klimom Milk Products - Best desi Gir cow milk in Hyderabad
A2 milk: 10 Things I wish I’d known earlier

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Not so long ago, the milkman used to come to our doorstep every morning with cans full of fresh milk. We just trusted that it was the freshest milk we could get. Somedays we got lots of cream from it and some days not so much. There was no label to tell us what the fat content in the milk was. If this is something you can relate to, we have something in common.

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Does A2 Milk help even if you are Lactose intolerant

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Does A2 Milk help even if you are Lactose intolerant

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You were hungry. The only thing you found was a cup of warm milk. Nothing quite as satisfying as that, you thought to yourself. An hour later your tummy was rumbling and feeling bloated. The discomfort somehow passed after nagging you for a few hours. You moved on with your day as usual.


Just like you, most people go through their lives without even knowing that they are Lactose intolerant. Especially in cases where the symptoms are not as pronounced but bothersome nevertheless.


According to wikipedia, data suggests that 65% to even 90% of the population in some communities have a reduced ability to digest lactose. Some studies have shown that 3 out of 4 Indians also have a lower milk tolerance.


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Indian Cow Milk

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Klimom Indian Cow Milk in Hyderabad
Indian Cow Milk

Our grandparents coaxed us into having that extra-long glass of milk, made delicious sweets with it, and even dished out a few recipes that could be made out of milk to make sure we had our share of nutrition. Remember how we were told that it had an abundance of calcium that makes bones stronger. Most of us echo the same to our kids and the children around us. However, there’s one major difference.
The milk we feed kids today is not the same as what it was a few decades ago. Most of us have unknowingly made a choice of consuming chemical laden A1 milk due to ignorance. A1 milk is the milk produced by Hybrid, genetically modified cows that get processed using many chemicals to make it durable, which makes it an unhealthy choice.

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