Why Ghee is good for health ?

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Why Ghee is good for health ?
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Back in the day, ghee was commonly used in households to light lamps and to take care of common skin troubles. As time went by, ghee also made its grand entry into the world of food. Since then, this special ingredient has gone through lots of ups and downs. In terms of its perceived value in our diets that is.


The elders in our family still swore by ghee and used it in every way possible. But with all the focus on cholesterol, a lot of us started avoiding ghee while continuing to ignore the real culprits. Fast forward to today, we are once again waking up to the goodness of good old ghee. There are plenty of studies being conducted to prove that consuming ghee in moderation has tonnes of health benefits. Right from preventing illnesses to curing them while giving your body the perfect form of nutrition.


To try and explain the health benefits of ghee, I’d like to break it down into three main categories:
1. Nutritional profile of ghee
2. Role in preventing diseases
3. Role in curing problems


Nutritional Profile of Ghee :

Every tablespoon of ghee has the goodness of the following nutrients:


Calories (112cal) :
This is no elephant in the room. When you think of ghee, I’m sure you have an automated thought about the calories in it. But there is no reason to live with the fear of becoming fat and avoiding even the sight of ghee. Each of our bodies is designed to require calories in moderation. You don’t need to deprive your body of these vital elements. Calories give you strength and energy to operate. Most diets recommend that you consume at least 2000 calories per day. 1tablespoon of ghee is going to fit right in.


Vitamin A (108mcg) :
This vitamin is very important for good vision, neurological function and also for healthy skin. Ghee has a pretty high concentration of Vitamin A. Almost 15% of your daily requirement could be met just by consuming one tablespoon of ghee. Isn’t that great?


Vitamin D (15mcg) :
To help your body get plentiful of Vitamin D, the best thing to do is soak in the sun for a couple of minutes at least every day. Nothing can quite substitute that. Other ways of giving your body enough of this great vitamin for stronger bones is through your food. Among the dozen other benefits, Ghee also contains Vitamin D and it can add towards fulfilling your body’s daily requirement.


Vitamin E (0.4mg) :
Thanks to plentiful advertising, most of us are familiar with what this vitamin is good for, your skin and hair. Which is why ghee is great not just for including in your diet but also for topical application on your skin.


Vitamin K (1.2mcg) :
We don’t talk about Vitamin K a whole lot, but it is important nevertheless. It is responsible for transporting calcium in the body and also helps with blood clotting in case of injury. Roughly 1.6% of the body’s daily requirement is present in just one tablespoon of ghee.


Omega 3 (45mg) and Omega 6 (390mg) essential fatty acids :
Ghee is a superfood not just for the body but also for the brain. The reason behind that is the presence of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in this special fat. Not just the brain even the cardiac functioning is greatly benefited with the help of these. With this piece of information, it’s safe to say that the daily inclusion of ghee in your diet should not be questioned.


Calcium (1mg) and protein (0.04g) :
Dairy products are generally quite rich in calcium and protein. Ghee is a dairy product too, however, the process of making it removes most of the milk solids. Therefore, the calcium and protein content, though present, are quite minimal.

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Role in preventing diseases :


a. Helps you lose weight :
Gone are the days when you would be asked to stop eating ghee the moment you thought of losing weight. In fact, it is the opposite these days. People who are watching their weight are being asked to specifically include ghee as a part of their daily meals. Among the many benefits of ghee, aiding in weight loss is starting to top the charts. The Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) present is ghee is said to do the magic of helping the body lose the unnecessary kilos.


b. Reduces risk of cancer :
Once again, the CLA present in pure cow’s ghee is responsible for producing enzymes that fight carcinogens. Research has proven that regular consumption of ghee could play a role in preventing cancer in the long term.


c. Reduces risk of heart disease :
Heart problems are typically caused by fats that contain what is commonly referred to as bad cholesterol. However, ghee is not one of them. In fact, it is said to even reduce the quantity of this in your body. Ghee has fatty acids that fight against the build-up of plaque in the arteries and when consumed moderately, it promotes good heart health. It is a myth that ghee causes heart problems. Studies on rural Indian population have in fact shown that men who ate ghee reported fewer cases of heart disease than those who didn’t.


d. Aids in digestion :
Usually, when you think of eating anything greasy, you get the feeling of indigestion. But with ghee that is not the case. In fact, consuming moderate amounts of ghee every day helps ease your digestion. Butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid, that is present in ghee heals and nourishes the cells in your gut and intestines. It is also known to reduce any inflammation and ensures that the nutrients from food are well absorbed by the body.

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Role in curing problems (Ghee in Ayurveda) :


1. Purvakarma :
According to Ayurveda, consuming a small teaspoon of ghee first thing in the morning is the perfect detox for your body. It rids your system of toxins and helps to cleanse your body before you start your day. If you like, you can even combine this with a cup of hot water to enhance the cleansing effect


2. Abhyanga :
All the essential vitamins present in ghee make is naturally great for your skin. This is nothing new to those practicing Ayurveda. According to its principles, 60% of what is applied to the skin is absorbed by the body. Ghee is used as a medium to massage the body to act not just as a lubricant but to also to deeply nourish the body and remove all the toxins.


3. Yogavahi :
Ayurvedic medicines use ghee as a carrier for administering medicines to cure illnesses. It is believed that ghee has properties that help with the quick absorption of the medicines by the body. Just one ingredient with so much goodness. It’s usually hard to find just one ingredient that touches so many aspects of your health and wellness. Ghee is that trusted buddy of yours, make sure to keep it as close to you as possible.

Why Desi Cow Ghee is good for health ?

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