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Get back together with milk

Get back together with milk

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The nutritional value of milk can never be overemphasized. Most people across the world have it as a staple part of their diet. It packs in an ideal mix of nutrients such as vitamin A, B12, D, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorous, selenium, magnesium, protein, zinc, and riboflavin. In fact there has been recent research on using milk to neutralize the cholesterol content of the body. Most of milk’s caloric content is because of the natural sugars found in it. These reduce the chance of occurrence of a number of deficiencies, and are therefore vital for the overall functioning and health of the body


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Reproductive health: Going back in time

Reproductive health:  Going back in time

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On my social media newsfeed today I came across a post which read “Diet cures more than doctors.” I cannot agree more with this statement. Of course, I’m going to take that “diet” here means eating healthy and not starving oneself.


In the world we live in, the poor struggle to get a basic meal a day because they can’t afford it. Whereas the rich can buy whatever they fancy because they can afford it. The type of food we eat is being compromised across the board irrespective of wealth. As a result, many of the health problems we see today are simply because of not eating right.

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Be Summer Ready :Giggle, Gobble and Gulp !

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Be Summer Ready :Giggle, Gobble and Gulp !

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It doesn’t matter whether you like your milk warm or cold or you like it plain or flavored. There are so many different ways to have your milk, it’s almost like a painter’s plain canvas. I might have a slight bias any form of milk as long as it is cold. But that’s only because the summer season is here!


Needless to say that the key ingredient, Klimom’s desi cow milk, will keep you healthy and nourished in every form. We deliver fresh milk to your home within just a few hours of milking. The milk is as fresh as it can get and has no preservatives added. Nor is it refrigerated.

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