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Try healthy and tasty Gulab jamun made from A2 milk
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Think Gulabjamun and think health. Sounds impossible? Well no more. Especially with our Gulabjamuns made of A2 milk. Did you know A2 milk is more easily digestible and its fat content (4.8%) is higher than that found in normal milk (3.6%). Also because it has no BCM 7, it keeps you away from its adverse effects. Ordinary Milk contains A1 type of beta casein protein, which has been linked to various types of adverse health effects. A2 Milk does not trigger any such adverse effects.

So when you have Gulabjamun made of A2 milk coming from desi Gir cows, you can be well assured that it has the health benefits of A2 milk. Our home-bred farm cows feed on organic grass and their milk is fortified with nutrients that keep so many diseases at bay. There are many happy customers of our desserts, you can see their testimonials below

And if you want to place a party order please mail to divya@klimom.com. We'd only be too happy to add sweet to your life.


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