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  1. Replysubbu
    you are doing a great job.
    Dear Sir/Madam, Good morning. Today we came to know about your web site through an article published in Eenadu (23.11.2017). Really you are doing a very good work. Can you please inform us price of Cow Ghee ? Will you supply Cow Ghee through Courier ? Because we are not from Hyderabad. We are from Godavarikhani. Regards, Maruthi Ram 94 93 54 61 63 ==========
  3. ReplyAswini
    Hi, your are doing a great job. All the best
  4. ReplyRavi
    Hi, nice to see the good work, may i know the price of milk / litre.
  5. ReplyRavinder Reddy
    Hi Madam, You are doing a fantastic job, much appreciated. I would like to know more about your's goshala. But this information was not posted any ware in your website. I tried to call the given contact number but not connected. Could you please share the goshala address near by miyapur. I will go there...
  6. ReplyAnnjumh
    Good afternoon klimom! I came to know about you through the article in eenadu newspaper dated 23-11-2017. I am extremely happy when I got to know about your goshala and the way you treat your cows (am an animal lover!). It's great that you provide unadulterated dairy products in the time when good quality food products are extremely hard to find. I would like to know if you deliver your products (ghee and butter) out of Hyderabad as well? I am from Kurnool and I will be glad if you can deliver here as well. You can contact through my mail: Loads of love to klimom! Keep up your nice work!
  7. ReplySeetharamulu
    Hi, Really delighted to see your profile in News today as i was looking if anyone supplying Desi Cow Milk. Could you please direct someone to touch base with me as i wish to avail Milk daily.
  8. ReplyMadhu
    Really a great job. Pls let me know the price of ghee and also let me know whether you deliver it thru courier.
  9. Replymajetinagavenkatasivadurgababu
    Today we have know about yurself from published in eenadu article and yur doing job and protect ur children and same benefits provide others also.I want fresh milk and fresh ghee provide details to me. Iam from Vijayawada.

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