Desi cow ghee – the ambrosia of mankind

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Desi cow ghee – the ambrosia of mankind
Pure Desi Indian Cow ghee - Klimom Ghee

The golden-yellow grains of fresh ghee makes everyone drool and grab a morsel more. The fresh aroma and the lip-smacking taste make every meal with the Desi cow ghee a gastronomic delight. Filled with goodness of taste and health. Not just the meals, the Desi cow ghee is a part of every Hindu household as it has a special place even in our worship to the Gods. No puja, yagna, or yaga is complete without offering the Desi cow ghee to the lords of fire.

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While the ancient texts say that this is a way of pleasing the Gods with the best that mankind has, scientific research says that there could be more than what just meets the eye. The Desi cow ghee when offered in fire emits smoke that is capable of purifying the air and eliminating harmful bacteria. When inhaled, this air helps in boosting the immune system of the person.
Our ancestors aimed at helping us benefit from these yagas and yagnas, which is evident from the number of times they were mentioned in our scriptures. In the four Vedas the term “Yajna” finds a mention over 1184 times. A few researches also claim that burning 10 gms. of cow ghee in fire produces close to a ton of oxygen, and when the Desi cow ghee is burned with raw rice it produces Ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, and Formaldehyde, all of which play a key role in enhancing immunity against bacteria and purifies the atmosphere.
This Desi cow ghee, untouched by hands, and made in the authentic way as described by our ancestors, can now be delivered to your doorstep by Klimom!  

Klimom Desi cow ghee – the ambrosia of mankind

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