Benefits of Klimom Gomaya Ganapati

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Benefits of Klimom Gomaya Ganapati
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  1. It acts as a Germicidal and anti bacterial.
  2. It brings you the joy that you are contributing to the planet Earth by being eco-friendly.
  3. When released in a lake, it purifies the water.
  4. It releases healthy bacteria which serve as feed for aquatic life.
  5. When immersed at home, it can act as healthy manure for plants at home.

The Klimom Cows are the Gir cows from Gujarat. They ear fresh grass from our acres of grasslands. Their dung is mixed with clay, vibhuti (ash from the Cow dung cakes) and Turmeric, tamarind extract and neem leaves to create the eco-friendly Ganeshas.
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