What are benefits of Desi for Kids?

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What are benefits of Desi for Kids?
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Ghee is clarified butter, it originated in India and now numerous countries Sri Lanka, America, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh use it for varied cuisines.

Most of the Indian households prepare Ghee at home by boiling the butter obtained from Desi cow milk, when the water gets evaporated residues are removed. Without refrigerating, this product can be stored at room temperature.  Storing Desi ghee is easy, all you have to do is keep them in air tight containers in order to prevent oxidation. Making Ghee the traditional way is often time consuming and laborious. one simple solution is to order ghee from Klimom, one of the finest Desi Ghee suppliers in Hyderabad. We make Desi ghee using traditional method. We use the Klimom Milk. The result Ghee which is pure, sacred and rich.

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Benefits Of Desi Ghee For Kids

Promotes health: Desi Ghee offers better nourishment to the kids and it helps both growth and development of teeth, bones, brain and muscles etc.

Boosts Energy: As kids require more energy than other age group, Desi ghee offers instant energy, it helps meet their energy requirement.

Strengthens the body: It improves the immunity level, eyesight, bones andstrengthens muscle.

Prevents deficiency: Desi Ghee also helps prevent malnutrition and deficiency of fat soluble vitamins

Memory power increases: Kids who consumed Desi Ghee had improvement in their learning andtheir memory power increased. Do you wish your kids should learn faster and have good memory power then add ghee to their diet. If you wish to provide your child best desi ghee, contact us, we are the finest Desi Ghee suppliers in Hyderabad.

How We Obtain Desi Ghee?

We collect the whole milk obtained from our Desi cows. We boil the fresh whole milk and then let it cool for 42-43 degree Celsius, then we add curd.  Let it settle for 12-14 hours, curd is formed.  Then we churn the thick, creamy curd with the help of wooden churner using hands.

While churning the curd, heat is produced, the fat globules in the curd stick each other and form dollops of butter.  Then the butter obtained is heated over the slow fire in a vessel and sacred ghee is formed.

What Makes Ghee The Most Refined End Product Of Milk?

The ghee made using Desi cow milk is believed to be most refined end product because it contains almost all good qualities of milk but in a different form, concentrated. The sheer aroma of our ghee is divine!

 The immunity levels of kids increase and gives them the strength to ward off cold, cough and frequent bouts of fever.

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