Kanuma – going back to the traditions of cow worship

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Kanuma – going back to the traditions of cow worship

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Sankranti is just one festival but the festivities continue for four days at a stretch. It’s almost like a wedding in the family that comes at the start of every year.


The rituals are a beautiful mix of fun, devotion, and gratefulness for the bountiful gifts of nature. If you have ever been to a traditional village during this time of the year, you will understand the true importance of this period.


The first day of Sankranti is kicked off with Bhogi, the second day is called Pongal or Makara Sankranti, the third day is what is celebrated as Kanuma and the fourth day is called Mukkanuma. Each day has a specific set of rituals that are to be followed. And each ritual has a special meaning, especially for farmers whose livelihood revolves around agriculture.

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