Happy New Year 2017

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Happy New Year 2017
Klimom - Indian Cow Milk and Milk Products

Let us make a pledge:


The New Year Resolution 2017

To drink only sacred Indian GIR cow milk.

Join us in our movement to bring back the glory to our sacred Indian cows.

Lets give back to the Indian cows a small slice of happiness , of all the good health and bounty we take from them.

Klimom - Desi Indian Cow Products in Hyderabad 

The new year is a mark of new beginnings, new promises, and a new hope to start life afresh. It is a time for us to look back and retrospect on what we can do better to ensure we have a happy, successful, and contented life ahead.


As you sow, so shall you reap. Therefore, in the coming year, pledge to get back to your roots, and look for your happiness where it ought to be. Let’s pledge to shun away the plastic and temporary pleasures we have developed an affiliation for over the past generation, and look back for treasures of happiness, where our ancestors found them.


We at Klimom have taken the pledge and taken our steps too at tracing back to our roots and bringing Indian tradition back to its glory. We have embraced our age-old traditions and made the Indian Gir cow a part of our everyday life. At the Klimom farm, every cow is cared for, as recommended in our religious texts and treated with utmost care and respect.


Join us in the movement this New Year 2017 and let’s march towards a happy, prosperous, and healthy beginning of the new year.


Wish you a very happy and prosperous #NewYear2017 from #TeamKlimom  #LetsGetBackIndia


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