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Cow Ghee and Diabetes

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Cow Ghee and Diabetes

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Medical specialists are alarmed at the epidemic proportions that diabetes has reached as a disease. It is estimated that in developing countries the incidence of diabetes will rise to three-fourth proportion for the next millennium and India is expected to have the highest number of people suffering from diabetes.


What we eat has an impact on our blood sugar levels and hence diabetics have to be particularly cautious of their dietary choices. It would surprise you that those, ‘healthy cooking oils’ as you see advertised on television, are actually doing more harm than good.

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Key nutrient for plant health and vitality

Key nutrient for plant health and vitality

Natural Indian Cow Manure for Farming | Klimom Indian Cow Manure


Farmers as well as urban individuals are adopting organic farming practices and reaping more benefits; the more organic and natural the produce, the safer and healthier it is for us and for the environment.


Farming, as we know, is a traditional occupation that’s been followed since time immemorial. But the organic farming concept is gaining prominence in India not only in the farming community, but also among the city dwellers as we can see a lot of individuals venturing into this field.

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