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Five Real Life lessons about Indian Cow Ghee

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Five Real Life lessons about Indian Cow Ghee

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Five reasons that make ghee great even for weight loss :

There used to be a popular TV commercial (for a facial cream, if my memory serves me right) that has stuck in my head even though it had come out many years back. The opening line of that was “Zyada khayegi, moti ho jayegi (you will become fat if you eat more)”. What I loved most about that was the great attitude in the response “I don’t care”. I so relate to this because I would hate for anyone to nag me while eating about becoming fat. Even more so because most of the times the free advice is not even so accurate.

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Does A2 Milk help even if you are Lactose intolerant

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Does A2 Milk help even if you are Lactose intolerant

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You were hungry. The only thing you found was a cup of warm milk. Nothing quite as satisfying as that, you thought to yourself. An hour later your tummy was rumbling and feeling bloated. The discomfort somehow passed after nagging you for a few hours. You moved on with your day as usual.


Just like you, most people go through their lives without even knowing that they are Lactose intolerant. Especially in cases where the symptoms are not as pronounced but bothersome nevertheless.


According to wikipedia, data suggests that 65% to even 90% of the population in some communities have a reduced ability to digest lactose. Some studies have shown that 3 out of 4 Indians also have a lower milk tolerance.


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