Cow Dung Ganesha – The perfect balance of tradition & ecology

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Cow Dung Ganesha – The perfect balance of tradition & ecology
Klimom- Indian Holy cow dung cakes for Gomaya Ganesh Idols

Klimom- Indian Holy cow dung cakes for Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner and here’s your chance to move over the plaster of Paris Ganeshas and clay Ganeshas, as there couldn’t be an eco-friendly option that’s better than the cow dung Ganesha. And did you know that our ancestors worshiped idols made out of cow dung even over 400 years ago?

Made out of a paste of the desi cow’s dung, turmeric, vibhuti, tamarind seeds powder and neem leaves paste, the idols are not just eco-friendly, but also ideal for immersion in water, as they help improve the quality of water in lakes and other water bodies by releasing bacteria which serve as feed for aquatic life. This apart, these idols are also considered to be a great source of manure for plants.
(Did meant for water plants)

Klimom- Indian Holy cow dung cakes for Gomaya Ganesha



How is this beneficial?

Cow dung is rich in numerous natural chemicals that enhance the soil quality and is counted as one of the best forms of natural fertilizers. Our ancestors suggested the application of cow dung around the house to stop the spread of insects and to enhance the quality of the soil. The cow used as a core ingredient for sculpting the Gomaya Ganesha by artisans roped in from Orissa.

Klimom- Indian Holy cow dung cakes - Desi Cow Products
Klimom- Indian Holy Gir Cows- Desi Cow Products

How is it made?

The artisans mix the cow dung with a paste of neem leaves that is rich in anti-bacterial properties and would stop the growth of any bacteria or germs on the cow dung, and added to this is a paste of natural turmeric, which acts as an efficient disinfectant. We also add tamarind seeds powder which helps in stickings (acts like gum) Unlike numerous other eco-friendly Ganesha options, cow dung is not just biodegradable, Ganeshas made from cow dung will also purify the water and benefit the environment.



Where to get a Gomaya Ganesha?

That’s the reason why Klimom and many other environmental activities are vouching for the usage of Gomaya Ganesha this Ganesh Chaturthi. Made to order, Klimom Gomaya Ganesha’s are made with the dung of Indian Gir cow, vibhuti (ash from the Cow dung cakes) Turmeric, tamarind extract, and neem leaves to create theeco-friendly Ganeshas.These eco-friendly Ganeshas will be your first step towards contributing to the society by celebrating a happy, and nature-friendly festival.

Klimom Cow Dung Ganesha (Gomaya Ganesha)– The perfect balance of tradition & ecology

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