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Key nutrient for plant health and vitality

Key nutrient for plant health and vitality

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Farmers as well as urban individuals are adopting organic farming practices and reaping more benefits; the more organic and natural the produce, the safer and healthier it is for us and for the environment.


Farming, as we know, is a traditional occupation that’s been followed since time immemorial. But the organic farming concept is gaining prominence in India not only in the farming community, but also among the city dwellers as we can see a lot of individuals venturing into this field.

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The Indian Gir Cows

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Indian Holy Gir Cows | Klimom Cow Products
The Indian Gir Cows

Experts and their studies have said that Indian Organic Cows or Indian Cows reared at organic farms come with a number of advantages that are not only environment friendly but also cost effective. If provided with the right elements in their breeding environment, they can indeed be a farmer’s wealth.
To name a few, it is said that organic cows require fewer breeding attempts when compared to conventional cows. They also produce milk through twice as many, shorter lactations than do hormone-infused conventional cows – all while living longer. Besides, researchers have also discovered that cows on organic dairy farms are healthier and less stressed than conventional cows, largely thanks to a more natural, forage-based diet instead of the grain and ground-up bones that usually pass as cattle feed on factory farms. Further, studies in the same line have shown that cows on healthier, forage-based diets produce far less waste than those on conventional dairy farms, and as a result, most organic farms reduce manure methane emissions by 60-80%, thus, contributing to a healthy environment for both, the Indian Cows and human beings.

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