Let this Ugadi be the start of all the wonderful things in your life

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Let this Ugadi be the start of all the wonderful things in your life
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As the Hindu month of Chaitra begins, and the season of spring is ushered in, people from across various states are engulfed into the spirit of festivity as the Hindu New Year begins. The Indian cultural mélange is reflective in the way Hindus from various states of India celebrate their new year in different ways and some cases on different days.


Marking the beginning of the season of spring, which washes away the gloomy and dull winter days, with a sense of vigor and prosperity, Hindus believe that this season also marks the beginning of bright days in their life and offers a fresh start. This ideology is also reflected in the celebrations, as people clean their houses, and deck it up with fresh flowers, colorful rangolis, and mango leaves. An important tradition that is observed in unison across traditions is also that of smearing the entrance of the house with fresh cow dung as it keeps bacteria at bay and prevents stray grass from growing in the season of bloom.


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Maharashtrians raise a Gudi or a post of victory on this day, which is meant to signify Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya after slaying Ravana. A Gudi is a copper or a brass pot that is tied to a pole by a green or a yellow cloth and is decked up with flowers and vermilion. Special prayers and sweets are offered to the Gudi as part of the celebrations, post which temple visits are made to seek God’s blessings.


People dress up in new clothes, offer prayers and respect to the senior members of the family, and relish upon the sweets prepared on occasion. Though we are culturally different, a few traditions are similar when it comes to the celebration of Gudi Padwa and Ugadi, which fall on the same day, and are the New Year Days as celebrated by Maratha, Telugu and Kannada people respectively.


For instance, there is the tradition of consumption of a dish that is made by mixing jaggery and neem leaf together to symbolize the mix of happiness and sorrow, which a person is bound to encounter in the New Year. This is to help a person understand that he has to embrace both with the same spirit, to be able to experience life at its fullest.


This is followed by several other sweets and milk delicacies like Payasam in the South, and Srikhand in Maharashtra. Srikhand is an important part of Gudi Padwa celebration, where it is consumed with Puri. Made out of pure Desi cow milk, Srikhand helps build a person’s immunity, which might go for a toss during this period of transition from cold to hot season.


Legend also has it that it is on this day that Lord Brahma created the universe and the Satyug or the first Yug began on the face of the planet earth, as mentioned in the Brahma Purana. Scientifically, the significance of celebrating New Year in the month of Chaithra or spring could be to mark the beginning of the days when the sun rises early and stays longer, spreading health and well-being.


Let this Ugadi be the start of all the wonderful things in your life

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