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Klimom – Desi Indian Cow Milk and Cow ghee
Klimom – Pure Desi Indian Cow Products

Milk is something that we give our children from the time they are just less than a year old. And with the kind of milk that is available in the market, we are giving our kids slow poison," says Allola DIVYA REDDY, founder of klimom.com.

She was worried about the quality of milk available around. She was looking for Desi variety. She was looking for pure milk for her kids and decided to start her own farm, which is located just half an hour away from Gachibowli. The farm was started last year with just 25 cows and now flourishing with 85 cows. The calves stay with the mother cows.

"The mother cows produce good milk as they see that their children are happy" says Divya.

The milk that goes out from Divya's farm is purely Desi and is delivered in glass bottles. They have Gyr cows from Gujarat and have deliberately chosen to keep just one breed, so that the uniqueness is maintained. The feed given to the cows is also organic, which is grown within the farm.

Urging people to give up on packet milk, Divya says, "Packet milk reaches us on the sixth day after it is milked! And then to retain the freshness and consistency, all kinds of preservatives and powders are added; which are poisonous."

Klimom milk is produced and delivered in glass bottles on the same day.

Price: Rs 200 per liter klimom.com

Klimom – Desi Indian Cow Milk, Ghee and Products

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