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Klimom – Desi Indian Cow Milk and Cow ghee

Klimom – Desi Indian Cow Milk and Cow Ghee

The Goshala was set up for my kids!

‘Yes, I could not find unadulterated milk anywhere in Hyderabad’ says Divya Reddy, the founder of Klimom.

Two and half years ago, Divya explored the dairies of Gujarat where the Desi Gir cows are reared with great care and love.These cows produce healthy A2 milk, that is rich in nutrients and vitamins.

She decided to bring in the same concept to Hyderabad and set a goshala with 15 cows initially in the outskirts, for her kids. Thus, emerged the Klimom dairy farm in 2015, which operates in a Goshala model with the Bulls, cows, and calves living under the same roof, unchained, and free.

Divya was born and brought up in Hyderabad. Her dad is a politician, mom a homemaker and has two elder sisters and a brother. Being the youngest in the family, she completed engineering and wanted to travel abroad. However, she got married and set the goshala for her kids.

Distributing to 14 locations

With the spread of word of mouth, lot many people started inquiring and requesting for the milk. Especially expectant mothers, families with infants, people with sickness etc. As a result more cows were brought in from Gujarat and the number slowly increased to 200.

‘Our cows are never chained or tied and get to roam around and graze at free-will. A liberal ratio of Cotton Cake, chunni of Tur Dal and Chana Dal, Jaggery and Coconut Cake, along with 8-10 kgs of Bhoosa, wheat straw, and whole maize to all our cattle (cow, bull, and calf). This apart, the animals have access to an unlimited feed of fresh of organic green grass, special nutritious herbs, organic banana plantation for them. On weekends, we feed them Jaggery and bananas. With such balanced diet and plenty of exercises, the cows deliver milk which is pure, stress-free, and healthy’ comments Divya.

Desi Gir cows have a huge hump and their milk is rich in A2 protein. These cows are reared in other countries as well like in Pakistan, china etc along with India.

The A2 milk obtained from these cows is distributed within three hours across Hyderabad, in eco-friendly glass bottles every morning. Initially we used to sterilize the bottles however with the growing demand we have set up a unit for this purpose. We are presently distributing the milk to 14 locations Gandipet, Gachibowli, Begumpet, Chanda nagar, Banjara hills, Jubilee hills, Kukatpalli, Miyapur etc.

Not just milk, we are distributing the urine to the sick and cow dung cakes to farmers and to incense sticks manufacturers. We aim to set up a biogas plant soon. Cow dung Ganesha made with cow dung was made available during Ganesh Chaturthi. Turmeric and neem being the natural disinfectant, prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and the spread of waterborne diseases, so we plan to make and distribute cow dung ganesha’s going forward.

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It wasn't easy

Transporting the cattle from Gujarat all the way to hyderabad wasn’t easy. Each cow costs around 1 lakh and these were carefully brought in trucks giving frequent breaks. My father in law Mr Gautam Reddy helped financially. With the change in the environment here, these cows had to be given special care. Which is why cattleman are brought in from Gir (Gujarat), to take care of these animals in the traditional way.

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Questions Raised

There were too many eyebrows raised initially as this was a challenging sector. The very same people appreciate today for raising awareness and providing a healthier option. The leftover milk at klimom is used to make curd, ghee etc which is made available through our website. Though the major part of the consumers are the middle class, people from politics, film industry, sports etc are also opting for Klimom milk. We aspire to expand this further to make the healthiest milk available to lot more people in the future!

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