What is Klimom Milk?

Milk is an inherent part of our everyday life, and hold great cultural significance as well and we see that the milk people consume is mostly adulterated. Klimom farms mission is to ensure everyone in Hyderabad has access to fresh, tasty, and healthy milk. Rearing pure breed Gir cows from Gujarat, Klimom farms are set up in a Goshala model, Klimom farms have the cows, calves and bull’s roaming around unchained and grazing at free-will.

Why should I Buy A2 Milk?

Desi cow milk is known as the A2 milk and is rich in nutrition. A2 milk is the milk that has only A2 type of beta-casein protein in place of the A1 protein that is found in regular milk. Research has proved that the consumption of A1 milk during childhood may increase the risk of type 1 diabetes. There is also growing evidence that suggests, A1 beta-casein may affect digestive function. On the other hand, A2 milk is said to be rich in nutrients that help build immunity.


Who should buy A2 Milk?

Low in cholesterol and rich in healthy fatty acids, A2 milk is ideal for people of all age groups, and infants, expectant mothers, new moms, and kids in specific. It is a natural and healthy substitute for babies as it easy to digest when compared to mother’s milk and goat milk.

Where do I buy Klimom milk?

Untouched bottle of healthy, warm, farm fresh A2 milk is delivered in eco-friendly glass bottles to your doorstep every morning. Unlike other milk, we do not pasteurize before we deliver as pasteurization kills beneficial bacteria and other essential nutrients to ensure a longer shelf life. Klimom milk is bottled and distributed, in the form that it was milked from the cow.


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